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Garden & Gun

The New GrassMasters

by Matt Hendrickson / photography by Jim Herrington

Shannon Whitworth Brevard, North Carolina

Shannon Whitworth’s band- mates enjoy ribbing the singer about her eclectic musical tastes, which range from Beck to Patsy Cline. “I pull from so many different genres that it becomes difficult to place my own sound,” Whitworth says. Her sound may be hard to define, but her voice is unmistakable.

Critics have raved about the singer’s distinctive husky voice since she appeared on the music scene in 2002 as a founding member of the Biscuit Burners, a bluegrass band out of Asheville, North Carolina. In 2007, Whitworth released a solo album, No Expectations. Since then, she has married musician Woody Platt (of the Steep Canyon Rangers) and set up house by the river. No surprise, on her new album, Water Bound, she weaves an aquatic landscape through nearly every track. “It felt like painting,” Whitworth says, “adding layers and textures to create a soundscape.”

Favorite Southern joint: The Grey Eagle in Asheville Song you must hear: “Mermaid Song”


GARDEN & GUN | Feb./Mar. 2011

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